About Copyright Law

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From composition to variation, every creation and use of works are protected by the Copyright Act. Therefore for using and transforming a work requires a usage permit of copyright based on the Copyright Act, and Imprima is helping people to make sure that the various usage of copyright can go through appropriate formalities.

What is a Copyright?
Copyright is an exclusive, monopolistic right guaranteed by law on creative works that articulates idea or emotion of human kind. A person who creates a work("author") can be protected by the Copyright Act.

Examples of Works
Literary Works/Musical Works/Theatrical Works/Works of Art/Architectural Works/Photographic Works /Cinematographic Works/Diagrammatic Works/Computer Program Works/Derivative Works/Compilation Works

Duration of Protection of Author’s Economic Right
The author’s economic right to a work shall continue to subsist during the lifetime of an author and until the end of a period of 70 years after the death of the author, unless otherwise provided in the Korean Copyright Act. The protection period of author’s economic right shall commence from the next year of the death of the author, or the creation of the work, or is the making public of the work.

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